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Pinedale Elementary

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Our vision is to develop principled students prepared for life after graduation


PURPOSE:  We, the student body of Pinedale Elementary School, are organized to promote this school's education to a higher level of excellence and to develop good citizens, good leaders, and good followers.

MEMBERS:  Our SGA consists of the following officers - President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The council also consists of two members from each class first through sixth grade.

QUALIFICATIONS: In order to become a member of the Pinedale SGA the student must have good grades and good conduct as defined by our Student Government Constitution.  The representative also must be dependable, respected by their classmates, fair in dealing with others and desires to be a member of the council.

 ACTIVITIES:  The SGA participates in many activities throughout the school year including leading our Great Can Round Up recycling program at the beginning and the ending of each school year.  We also collect and recycle aluminum cans twice a month throughout the entire school year.  The SGA also assist our school in honoring our grandparents each September with our annual Grandparent's Day.  The SGA encourages our students to remain drug free with their participation in the annual Red Ribbon Week each fall and promotes reading throughout the school by participating in the Read Across America week each spring.